How to Open an Account at Chebanca

How to Open an Account at the ChebancaCheBanca! is an Italian bank headquartered in Milan that caters to the modern consumers. They are an inventive new bank with digital banking platforms and applications that allow account holders to access their banking information from any computer or mobile device.It is primarily a customer-oriented bank where people can open a wide variety of savings type accounts. Chebanca! are offering deposit accounts, certificates of deposit, business deposit accounts, securities accounts, bonds, insured savings accounts and asset management accounts.

If you want to open an account at CheBanca then you can go to their website at or visit a local branch of the bank in Italy, but doing it online will speed up wait times.

When you go to the homepage of their website, there is a horizontal navigational bar with a few different links. Go to “risparmio e invesitmenti” and click on either “Conto Deposito” or “Conto Deposito Business.” Each of these accounts serves a different purpose.

Conto Deposito is a deposit account where you can make an initial deposit for a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period. Then you will earn a fixed interest rate at the end of the time period you chose. Conto Deposito Business is a similar account, but suits more to business people.

It is a way for them to earn a return on the liquidity of their business cash assets. Once you go to these web pages, there is a button link entitled “apri il conto corrente.” Just click this link and you will be guided by the onscreen instructions on how to further proceed with opening your account. You will be asked for all your personal information in order to verify your identity.

You should also expect a follow-up phone call by a banking representative as well. They will mail you packets of information about your account with a few forms that you will have to sign and mail back to them to officially open the account.

You will also have to go to your local CheBanca! branch and make the initial deposit that is required for the account. Once the deposit is made and the forms are returned, your account will be open.

For those who want spending capabilities with their account, go to “Conti” in the navigational bar and then a drop down menu will appear with three sub links: Conto Yellow, Conto Corrente and Conto Tascabile.

These are special banking packages for those who want to have either checking, credit cards or reloaded debit cards connected to their deposit account. You will also get free access to the CheBanca! WoW app, which gives you the ability to keep up with your account information through your mobile device. Examine each package carefully and decide for yourself which one offers the best benefits for your situation. Then go to the bottom and click the “apri il conto corrente” to sign up for the account.

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